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Oil and Gas, Mining, and Renewable Energy companies often need funding to maintain or expand their ongoing operations.  In the same way home sellers list their homes with Real Estate’s Multiple Listing Service (MLS), energy companies may list their projects with Texas Energy Exchange .net, a multiple listing website that provides a bridge between the financial community and the oil and gas, mining, and renewable energy communities. Texas Energy Exchange .net is a multiple listing service for the various types of energy and mining projects including oil and gas projects, coal mining, gold and silver mining, wind energy, solar energy, nuclear energy, geothermal energy, hydroelectric projects, biomass, bio-fuels, electric power, and other projects that need funding and investors.  We are not brokers — we are technical and financial consultants who introduce funding sources to the owners of various types of energy projects.  There are no constrictions on the type and scope of energy and mining projects we may list.

We also would like to announce that Texas Energy Exchange .net will also start listing oil and gas field and drilling equipment for sale through our Oil Rigs Now website.

The geoscientists, engineers and financial professionals of the Texas Energy Exchange strive to present buyers with quality energy and mining projects that match their investment criteria. You will purchase your interest in a venture directly from the energy or mining company, not from Texas Energy Exchange .net.

At this time there are no costs to Texas Energy Exchange membership.  You can list and review any and all projects. We are particularly interested in listing oil and gas drilling joint ventures.